The Jones Act was implemented in response to our nation’s dependence on waterways for both economic and security purposes. Maritime workers who are injured on the job are afforded significant protections by the Jones Act, but because these cases are complex, having a savvy Fort Lauderdale attorney on your side is the surest way to help protect your rights and rightful compensation.

Maritime Work

Maritime work is uniquely dangerous for all the following reasons:

  • Maritime workers are often required to work erratic schedules that sometimes require round-the-clock duties and that, as a result, make getting enough sleep difficult.
  • Maritime workers often toil under extreme conditions that include very high and very low temperatures, dangerous waters, small workspaces, and beyond.
  • Maritime workers are exposed to conditions that make slip-and-fall accidents far more likely
  • Maritime workers are exposed to the dangers associated with engine rooms that may not receive the near-constant skilled attention they require in order to function safely.
  • Maritime workers are more likely to be exposed to asbestos and other dangerously toxic materials than workers in most other fields. This is in addition to the toxic cargo that ships and barges often carry.
  • When ships are not maintained at the level of seaworthiness, it puts maritime workers at extreme risk.
  • The stress of working on the water – with all the inherent risks and the isolation from family members and other loved ones – can be immense.

The Jones Act holds shipping companies responsible for the losses that maritime workers experience as a result of their negligence.

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