When we purchase a meal in a restaurant or buy food to bring home to our families, we naturally expect these items to be the healthy, nutritious, and delicious foods that we carefully choose. When the food item, however, contains something that is not supposed to be in it, which is considered a foreign object, it can prove quite dangerous. If you or someone you care about has been harmed by a foreign object in your food, discuss your concerns with an experienced Fort Lauderdale foreign object in food injury attorney.

Injuries Caused by a Foreign Object in Food

While the injuries you suffer as a result of a foreign object in food will be unique to your experience, the most common problems include:

  • Choking on the foreign object
  • Cuts and abrasions to the mouth, tongue, or throat
  • Broken or chipped teeth or damaged dental work
  • Damage to the digestive system
  • Foodborne illnesses, such as E-coli
  • Injuries to the jaw, such as TMJ
  • Allergic reactions to the foreign substance itself


The restaurant that served you the tainted food, the store that sold you the tainted food, or the manufacturer that produced the tainted food can bear liability for the losses – or legal damages – you experience as a result of a foreign object in your food. Such losses can include all the following:

  • Your medical bills, which will be more extensive if you experience complications
  • Your lost earnings as they relate to lost hours on the job
  • Your pain and suffering

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